Random things from around the interwebs. Also a kind of read later list for things that I want to read, but just not at the moment I stumble on them…

It may be very random. It may Inspire. It may be useless. (it’s also a work in progress)

  • The most dangerous 8 words in life
    The most dangerous 8 words in life: “That’s just the way we’ve always done things”
  • Baggage Claim
    I’ve been enjoying this podcast and it’s easily digestible storytelling, check it out if you’re looking for something new (or not).. These are travel stories no one tells. These are the awkward language barriers and the dozen-hour bus rides. Join Will Conway as he stumbles his way through the world. . . .
  • Five Levels of Remote Work and Why You’re Probably at Level 2
    Many newly-remote workers seem to conflate simply downloading Zoom, Slack, and having access to email with having this remote working thing sorted out. But having a ball and a ring does not an NBA basketballer make.

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